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Who We Are

Johnson’s has undergone a huge improvement programme in recent years to restore the beautiful building to its former glory and to create within it a haven of gorgeousness for knitters, crocheters, sewists and other crafters. We have more than 8,000 different types of button as well as a full range of DMC and Anchor stranded cottons and tapestry wool. Through the renovations we have increased the range of yarns and haberdashery that we stock, and plan to squeeze much more in to delight and tempt crafters. We are enthusiastic about wool and haberdashery and like nothing better than to spend our day sharing this with our lovely customers.

A few words about


Dad-in-the-shop Johnson’s is a family company that has traded in South Shore Blackpool since 1981. George Johnson, the current owner’s father opened his first wool shop inland, in Accrington, moving his family and business over to the bright lights in Blackpool in 1981. He was a respected member of the wool industry and Johnson’s of Bond Street had its own yarn brand.
Johnson’s has had its home in its current beautiful building since 1984. The building was built in 1890 as an important bank in the then village at South Shore, Blackpool. It was originally a Manchester & Liverpool District Bank, the company name later shortened to the Lancaster Banking Company after a whole raft of mergers and acquisitions.
Shop inside Johnson’s is passionate about Blackpool, and especially about the shopping area at South Shore. We work tirelessly with the community and local stakeholders to improve this very neglected area. We believe that all our lives are better with a thriving High Street, and that the heritage that is Blackpool should not disappear from the British landscape. Take a look at our Events Page for up-and-coming events.
Knitting-in-Public-Day We believe that our High Streets should be nursed back to health and we use our abilities and passion, and encourage our customers to do so too, to affect change. Here we are on our Prom on Knitting in Public Day, accompanied by some of our yarnbombs. It was a day of fabulous fun that coincided with Blackpool’s Pride Parade.