Rico PomPon


Rico Pompon is a popular and fun yarn consisting of pompoms attached by short lengths of cord. It looks at first glance like it might be difficult to knit, but once you know how it’s done, it’s easy and quick. It knits up to beautiful baby pram and cot blankets. One ball is enough for a scarf or modern pram blanket, two balls for a cot blanket or Silver Cross type pram.

Composition: 100% polyester
Ball Weight: 200g
Needle Size: 4 mm, 8 UK
Tension: 10 stitches x 10 rows to 10cm square
Wash Care: Hand Wash Only

  • Pompon BlueYellowOrange 111
  • Pompon BlueYellowPeach 333
  • Pompon Silver
  • Pompon SilverWhite
  • Pompon TealGreyCanary 222
  • PomPonBabyBlue20
  • PomPonBabyBlueWhite11
  • PomPonBabyPink19
  • PomPonBabyPinkWhite10
  • PomPonBlueMulti26
  • PomPonCream1
  • PomPonLemon38
  • PomPonLightLilac40
  • PomPonLightMint39
  • PomPonRoseMulti25
  • PomPonWhite18
  • PomPonWhiteLemon22
  • PomPonWhiteLilac24
  • PomPonWhiteMint23


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